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Increase Your Bargaining Power

Use your spending knowledge to increase your bargaining power.


Retailers have the right to ask for any price on any item that they want to. That does not mean that every retailer is out to rob the consumer blind. What it does mean is that it is up to us, the consumer, to make certain informed decision before we buy. If you want to save top dollar on your purchases, no matter what they may be, you must be prepared to do a little homework.

Basic Empowerment for the Consumer

Remember a few basic principles:

  • You hold all the purchasing power because you hold the money!
  • No matter what you are purchasing, it is okay to ask for a better deal.
  • If not satisfied that you are getting the best deal, you can shop elsewhere.
  • You can always decide not to buy if the cost exceeds your budget.
Keeping these four major principles in mind will empower you as you go out to shop.

What to Leave at Home

There are a few human qualities that can cost the consumer big bucks such as:

  • Ego! Shopping is no place to try to impress anyone unless you have money to spend on building up your ego.
  • Fear! Are you too shy to ask for a better deal? Afraid of rejection? Memorize some basic terminology to use when bargaining so that you feel more comfortable during the process.
  • Arrogance! Negative or rude attitudes have killed more opportunities to save money then anything else. Leave the rude behavior at home. Remember, killing them with kindness, can pay off.
  • People Pleasing! If you have a hard time, saying "no thank you", then practice before you hit the stores. If worse comes to worse, bring a friend who understands your spending boundaries and who is willing to do it for you.
Now that you have a few basic principles to arm yourself with, go out there and practice on making smaller purchases before you plunge right into buying something big. Your confidence and your money will build.

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