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Donna L. Montaldo

A Cashier's Not so Nice Opinion of Couponers

By February 17, 2014

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Awhile back, I did an article on how to deal with store employees who seem to take an instant dislike to couponers.

One reader, "Mike," (not pictured) a self-described cashier, seemed very offended by my comments. He had a few not so nice opinions about couponers to share. Here is what he said:

"No, avid couponerss DO NOT "always" know the policy. In fact, most don't. I am one of those cashiers that will roll my eyes at you because you hare the one holding up the line, not me. You and your coupons for items you didn't buy, your expired coupons, your insistence that I stack coupons that cannot be stacked, your demands that I not only use to coupon but price match the store down the street, your multiple transactions because you can only use one coupon per transaction and you stole the coupon section out of ever Sunday paper in the tri-county area to build up a stack and you wiped out the shelf because you are the epitome of selfish and YOU are the one who is rude when I politely explain the policy to you why I cannot do what you are demanding I do and threatening to get me fired for following the rules. I know that you sleep at night by convincing yourself that you are in the right because you "just want a good deal" but in reality, couponers are little more than spoiled children who always got their way and never grew the hell up."

My response to Mike: I don't know about all the other couponers out there, Mike, but I for one do not usually think too much about coupons when I go to sleep. Do you?

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February 19, 2013 at 6:42 pm
(1) Terri says:

Actually, there are many spelling and grammar mistakes in Tom’s short post, I think he needs to get down on his knees and thank every customer who walks in the door for making it possible for someone with his poor language arts skills to even have a job. I use some coupons but I am not “hare the one holding up the line.” I have never had a lot of coupons because I stole the coupon section out “of ever Sunday paper” in the area. I get my own paper delivered by the paper company plus those that come in the mail and download many from online sources. I am not the “epitome of selfish” (the word here would be selfishness) for wiping out a shelf because you don’t know what was on the shelf, how many, or who bought them and since the store has more in the back and they order twice a week, the shelves will be replenished. The store gets paid for the products we buy and the manufacturer pays for the coupon value plus processing. If it bothers you so much, why don’t you tell this to your boss and ask to stock shelves instead?

February 19, 2013 at 7:04 pm
(2) laura says:

I totally agree with Terri. In this economy the cashier absolutely should not complain about ANYTHING!

There is one that that I find really upsetting when trying to use coupons. It’s the extremely short time span you have to use them before they expire, and than you are at the register one day late and the cashier makes a big deal about the coupon being expired (like the .20 cents) is coming out of their paycheck!

February 19, 2013 at 11:00 pm
(3) Joyce says:

I’m an avid coupon user, and I feel compelled to support some of Mike’s claims. There are indeed many customers out there who try to browbeat and/or threaten a (lowly)clerk or cashier to do things that are against policy. We’re all trying to save a few pennies, but I’m sick and tired of hearing women with their coupons trying to get away with breaking the rules. Don’t use expired coupons (YES! ONE day AFTER the date means it has EXPIRED!!!!), don’t try to pass off coupons for items you didn’t purchase, some coupons cannot be doubled, sometimes you can use only 1 coupon per item. The store trained cashier knows the store rules! Give him or her a break, please.
As an aside, what do spelling and grammar errors have to do with this discussion? Does that make his comments invalid? Just asking.

February 20, 2013 at 8:06 am
(4) JOHN says:

I have to agree with Mike about these so called couponers who like to steal the coupon inserts from the Sunday papers.
My wife and I love to get bargins with coupons,but then we have to spend time checking the papers to make sure someone didn’t already stole the insert. Besides that the store already gives the customers a nice discount on Sunday papers.

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